“The CMF-EV platform advances the new generation of electric vehicles”

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With the MORPHOZ concept car, Groupe Renault unveils an aesthetic and engineering vision of the future. Truly remarkable for a concept car, with such an aspirational design, MORPHOZ’ makes you dream while being a technological demonstration. It is based on the brand new CMF-EV platform of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Modular, it is dedicated to the development of several future electric cars. Jean-Paul Drai, Engineering Director of Electric Vehicle Projects for Groupe Renault, explains.

The MORPHOZ concept car has been designed based on the new CMF-EV platform. What’s special in particular about it?

The CMF-EV platform (“CMF” stands for Common Module Family and “EV” for Electric Vehicles) has been designed by the Alliance specifically for electric cars. We started from a clean slate! It responds to today’s development needs of new-generation electric vehicles. Energy management, capacity and overall onboard experience all benefit from the innovations it offers.

This platform was co-developed with our partner Nissan, by a team of French and Japanese engineers, so as to adhere to the expectations of both manufacturers and to be equally applicable to vehicles of both brands.


jp drai portrait
Jean-Paul Drai, Engineering Director of Electric Vehicle Projects for Groupe Renault

What is at stake in the development of such a platform in the automotive industry?

It’s generally said that a platform allows for the creation of two successive generations of vehicle, with all the intermediary developments that can occur. A new platform, therefore, contributes to the evolution of new models for at least a decade. What’s more, developing a platform with multiple applications ensures our competitiveness.

Our innovations on the CMF-EV platform confirm our position as leader from a technological point of view. The MORPHOZ concept car offers a foretaste of these innovations, which will inspire new generation electric vehicles.

One of the strengths of MORPHOZ is its modularity. Is this what we can expect from the new platform?

The CMF-EV platform redefines the limits of modularity like never before! For example, it allows for the installation of batteries of different heights. Using the CMF-EV platform, we can therefore develop both low sedans and SUVs.

The platform is of course also modular in its length so that we can further tailor the battery to the type of vehicle and the desired range. The CMF-EV can thus be used in both electric vehicles designed predominantly for everyday suburban trips, as well as for models capable of making long journeys without needing to recharge.

The MORPHOZ concept car pushes this characteristic to the extreme: it is able to change its length from City mode to Travel mode and back again.

Thanks to its technological innovations and the potential offered by its modularity, the CMF-EV will become the benchmark platform for several of the next electric vehicles from Groupe Renault and the Alliance.
Jean-Paul Drai Engineering Director of Electric Vehicle Projects for Groupe Renault

Does the development of a “100% electric” platform provide any gains in terms of range and charging time?

Yes, the CMF-EV platform completely frees vehicles from the restrictions faced by those with combustion engines. Compared to a traditional platform, there is more space with regards to the size of the motor compartment, which is reduced, plus the parts for an electric motor are also more compact than those in a diesel- or gas-powered car. With this in mind, we can therefore develop electric cars with more substantial batteries.

But that isn’t the only innovation at this level. Alongside the platform, we have created an innovative heat management system for the battery. The difference in range and charging time between summer and winter temperatures, which we noticed on previous generations of vehicle, is now drastically reduced.


The CMF-EV platform prepares the new electrical generation

The modular layout of the interior is particularly apparent in MORPHOZ. Does the livable space inside the vehicles benefit from the specifications of the CMF-EV platform?

Compared to vehicles with similar lengths, capacity is maximized with this platform thanks to the compact size of the electric components and the absence of a transmission tunnel. A vehicle based on the CMF-EV platform benefits from a large wheelbase and, of course, a flat floor. This means we can have a more spacious front seating area, and more room for the legs in the back.

In this way, the platform allows us to develop a model with the capacity of a Talisman-type sedan… but with the dimensions of a Mégane! Or the capacity of a Mégane in a Captur-sized vehicle!

Does the platform leave the door open for eventual further improvements in driving comfort?

The modular nature of the CMF-EV platform allows for the installation of one or two electric motors in a car, and therefore the ability to develop both two- and four-wheel drive models. In addition, the platform is compatible with the self-driving systems developed by the Alliance.

Z36_ouvert yellow

So we can soon expect the series models developed on the CMF-EV platform to be added to the Renault and Nissan ranges?

Thanks to its technological innovations and the potential offered by its modularity, the CMF-EV will become the benchmark platform for several of the next electric vehicles from Groupe Renault and the Alliance.

After MORPHOZ, which illustrates its possible applications, the first series models using this platform will be added to our existing electric range.


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