Our vision? The electric vehicle rolled out on a large scale

Published by Groupe Renault on 07.18.2018 - 3 min

At Renault, we are proud to be the pioneering French car manufacturer and European leader in electric vehicles.

From 2009 with the public revelation of its vision, to today with the acceleration of its investments, Groupe Renault has always been at the leading edge of electric mobility development. And not just any kind of electric mobility! As a generalist car manufacturer – and one that puts people at the heart of all its innovations – we want an electric mobility that is easily adopted by, and accessible to, as many people as possible.

Electric vehicles at the centre of our strategy

We were the first to believe in them, and we continue to lead the field! Because electric vehicles are at the centre of our strategy, for three main reasons. First of all, they are a real driver of growth and competitiveness for the company, which notably allows us to innovate more and more. Next, they are easy-to-use vehicles that everyone can enjoy driving, which is critical for our customers. Finally, they represent the best, immediately-available response to the issues of climate change and air quality – certainly not the least of their strengths.



Groupe Renault : Driving The Electric Revolution

From vision to success story

A pioneer in Europe, Groupe Renault is building on nearly 10 years of expertise in the design, production and sale of electric vehicles. Approximately 30,000 of our employees have received training in the specificities of electric mobility, as has our entire European sales network. Groupe Renault is the number one provider of electric vehicles in Europe, and more than 170,000 of its electric vehicles are in circulation around the world. We already offer the widest variety of models: Renault ZOE, Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E. are sold in many countries in Europe and elsewhere, and the RSM SM3 Z.E. sedan is available in Korea. In 2022, our range will total 8 electric and 12 electrified vehicle models. Fully electric vehicles will cover the primary segments of our offering, and will represent 20% of our product range.

More than a vehicle: an entire ecosystem

Innovation is in our DNA. To better meet the expectations and needs of its customers, Groupe Renault offers vehicles with increased range and auxiliary services that facilitate charging. But that’s not all! Groupe Renault also innovates beyond its vehicles, seeking to co-construct the ecosystem that supports them with several partners from different fields. At Renault, we are convinced that electric vehicles are more than mere cars. They carry a battery that helps to balance power grid loads, and thus have a major role to play in the energy domain; they have the potential to charge wherever they are parked, allowing them to be a major player in new mobility trends, especially carsharing…Renault has already put electric vehicles on the road. Soon, they will be at the heart of numerous promising changes to technology and society.