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Electric vehicles and carsharing, a perfect match

Published by on 10.10.2018 - 2 min

It’s hard to think of two new modes of transportation more perfectly made for each other than carsharing and the electric car! Still not convinced? You soon will be.

Still haven’t fallen under the carsharing spell? And yet this new type of sustainable mobility is super attractive! With carsharing, you experience total freedom with access to cars at any time of day or night.

With shared electric mobility, there are no limits: you no longer have to worry about an insurance contract, maintenance, or even cleaning. And not having to purchase a vehicle means no arguing with your partner over which model or colour to pick! Domestic bliss is in sight!

Shared electric mobility: a number of positive effects

Self-service cars are generally used for one-off short trips, so there’s no need to recharge the vehicle during the course of its use.

The discreetness and zero emission* technology of electric vehicles – two qualities essential to improving the livability of our cities – merely add to their charm. These two character traits are perfectly compatible and there’s little danger of them separating!

This match made in heaven has led to the creation of several self-service electric vehicle fleets all over the world. But what about you? Are you ready to yield to the pull of a mobility that’s both shared and electric all at once?

*Neither CO2 emissions nor regulated air pollutants, during road use, excluding wear parts.

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