How far does the typical electric vehicle owner drive each day?

Published by on 09.20.2019 - 1 min

The distance between one’s home and place of work is, in general, around thirty kilometres. More than 65% of Europeans make this daily journey by car.

Such trips are both short and routine in the sense that the same route is often taken every day.
Even through electric vehicle users probably don’t need to charge their vehicle between the time they leave home and the time they get to work, knowing where charge points are located along the route can be reassuring. Beyond the options of charging at home or at work – which are the best solutions for electric vehicle drivers – public charging stations (in shopping centers, petrol stations, on roadsides, etc.) are generally well known to drivers and easily located.

Overall, the range of electric vehicles, which continues to grow, is largely sufficient for everyday journeys.
For example, the Renault ZOE and its Z.E. 50 battery with 52 kWh of usable capacity, offers a range of up to 395 km, as determined by the WLTP* standard.


*WLTP range, Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedures (standardized cycle: 57% urban driving, 25% suburban driving, 18% highway driving).

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