How many charging points are there in Europe?

Published by on 07.12.2018 - 1 min

In Europe, the number of public charging points is now approaching 200,000. This includes fast charge points as well as standard ones. Although 80% of European drivers cover less than 100 km each day, meaning that they don’t need to recharge their electric vehicles whilst out and about, the rate at which new charging stations are being installed on the road network is increasing all the time. As such, Renault, along with other relevant stakeholders implicated in the rise of electric mobility (energy engineers, public authorities), support numerous charge station projects in public places, notably along main routes. The number of ultra-fast charging station corridors that cross borders testify to this fact. The forecast looks good as the different European stakeholders look to reach 500,000 charging points on the network by 2020 — enough to install six per kilometre of the current European highways.