What is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle?

Published by on 08.26.2019 - 1 min

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle like the All-new Captur E-TECH Plug-in can drive in 100% electric mode for 28 miles (45 kilometres) at up to 83 mph (135 km/h) in mixed use and about 40 miles (65 kilometres) in urban use. After that, the combustion engine takes over.

This advantage is thanks to the battery, which has a higher capacity than that of a “standard” hybrid electric vehicle. By way of comparison, as of 2020 the plug-in hybrid version of the All-new Renault Captur E-TECH Plug-in will be equipped with a 9.8 kWh battery, while the All-new Renault Clio E-TECH will have a 1.2 kWh battery.
A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (abbreviated PHEV), has a charging port, making it possible to plug it into a charging point or a domestic power socket.A plug-in hybrid vehicle is also equipped with a regenerative braking energy recovery system. This allows the electric engines to generate a current that can be used to recharge the battery when the vehicle is not plugged in, thanks to the kinetic energy produced when braking.

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