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Highlights of the event

  • Electric expertise
  • Environnement
  • Innovation
  • Territories
  • Vehicles
  • All Experts
  • Carlo Ratti
  • Carlos Moreno
  • Daan Roosegaarde
  • Dr Christophe Dudezert
  • Dr. Virginie Boutueil
  • Ed Gillespie
  • Jean-Philippe Hermine
  • Manuella Cunha Brito
  • Nicolas Meilhan
  • Nicolas Schottey
  • Philippe Diviné
  • Roger Atkins
  • Steve Howard
  • Vincent Carré
  • Xavier Serrier
  • Yasmine Assef
Dr Christophe Dudezert Partner video – Connected Energy develops stationary energy storage systems that give second life to Renault electric vehicle batteries Innovation
Jean-Philippe Hermine Round table – “Batteries life cycle: from first, second and recycling”: the different stages of the battery life cycle Environnement
All Experts Camille Combe, Project Manager of the Think Tank “La Fabrique de la Cité”, enlightens us on the challenges of decarbonising mobility and its financing Environnement
Carlos Moreno Keynote – Smart City. Faced with a threefold crisis — health, economic and social — is “the quarter-hour city” the right answer? Territories
Daan Roosegaarde Keynote – Cities, mobilities, sustainability: a matter of design. How can Design, Art and Architecture positively disrupt the mobility market? Innovation
Nicolas Meilhan Keynote – Will electric cars rule the future? Electric mobilities: what types of cars to meet everyone needs? Electric expertise
Roger Atkins Keynote – Electric vehicles: the big switch Big Switch? Big Mistake? Big issues? The 3 « Bigs » to know everything about electric mobility Electric expertise
All Experts Isabelle Delannoy, environmentalist, talks about the theory of symbiotic economy and its application to the field of mobility Environnement
All Experts Architect, urban planner and geographer Anouk Legendre explains how to reintroduce and preserve biodiversity in the urban environment Territories
Manuella Cunha Brito Keynote – Tech for positive impact. Do we need technology to make a carbon-free mobility come true? Innovation
Ed Gillespie Keynote – Rethink mobilities. What will mobility look like in a +2°C world? Territories
Steve Howard Keynote – Embracing change with innovative thinking. Is Innovation the wright way to make mobility both sustainable and inclusive? Innovation
Xavier Serrier Round table – INCIT-EV: improving the experience of EV driving. Learn about the innovative charging solutions for electric vehicles under development across Europe Innovation
Yasmine Assef Round table – Porto Santo: the smart, small island with big ambitions. Discover Porto Santo in Portugal, Europe’s first smart island Environnement
All Experts Julien Villalongue, Managing Director of Leonard gives us his views on the mobility and infrastructures of the future Innovation
Yasmine Assef Round table – “Smart Electric Ecosystems”. Find out about two partners, two smart ecosystems: Porto Santo and Utrecht Ecosystems Environnement
Carlo Ratti Keynote – Mobilities in the city. The human at the heart of the “Senseable City”: utopia or solution? Territories
Dr Christophe Dudezert Round table – Battery for energy storage. Discover intelligent solutions offering a second life to the electric vehicle battery Innovation
Philippe Diviné Round table – Hydrogen, from an idea to reality. In depth analysis on hydrogen technology applied to mobility Electric expertise
Nicolas Schottey Interview – Nicolas Schottey: Elexent supports infrastructure projects for recharging fleets of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles Electric expertise
All Experts #RenaultEWAYS Press conference – Luca de Meo, CEO of Groupe Renault Innovation
Dr. Virginie Boutueil Interview – Virginie Boutueil from the City Mobility Transport Laboratory: New ways, better mobilities Territories
Vincent Carré Round table – Zity case / electric carsharing: as flexible as people are. Immersion in ZITY’s 100% electric free-floating car-sharing service Territories
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