Three new agreements to foster electric mobility

Published by on 10.12.2018 - 3 min

Groupe Renault has just announced the signing of new cooperation agreements with EDF, TOTAL and ENEL. The objective? To pool expertise with the aim of deploying electric mobility at a large scale, and to take another step towards energy transition.

To accelerate the development of an intelligent electric ecosystem, Groupe Renault has signed a cooperation agreement with EDF, the European leader in renewable energy. Through cross-promotions, this collaboration has the goal of linking the provider’s self-consumption offering, via its “Mon soleil et moi” (My Sun and Me) plan, to Renault’s intelligent charging.

Another aspect of this agreement between Groupe Renault and EDF is the expansion of the smart islands concept. Tested on Porto Santo, in the Madeira archipelago (Portugal), and on Belle-Île-en-Mer (Morbihan, France), the aforementioned relies on renewable energies (solar panels, smart charging stations or stationary energy battery storage systems) to mitigate the dependence of island areas on fossil fuels from mainland Europe.

With this partnership, the smart islands will now extend to France’s non-interconnected areas thanks to EDF SEI, EDF’s management of public electric services in the French Overseas Territories and Corsica. For Renault, this sharing of expertise with a major player in energy transition meets a specific objective: the promotion of competitive and low-carbon electric offerings.

Total joins Groupe Renault and Jedlix on smart charging

Z.E. Smart Charge app

Along with its long-term smart charging partner, Dutch start-up Jedlix, Groupe Renault has teamed up with TOTAL to make its Z.E. Smart Charge offering available on the French market, starting in the first half of 2019. Already on offer in the Netherlands, this service is designed to make electromobility more affordable.

The principle behind Z.E. Smart Charge is simple. Users of the application optimise the recharging of their vehicle by taking advantage of renewable energy sources and the most competitive rates.

The connectivity of Renault ZOEs and the Jedlix platform will allow for the vehicle user to be financially rewarded for the flexibility accorded to the recharging process. That flexibility will then be monetised through the Total Flex services.

Groupe Renault and Total also desire to collaborate on charging infrastructure and the supplying of electricity in order to reduce the cost of charging electric vehicles.

Groupe Renault and Enel: accelerating the development of electric mobility

A pioneer of electric mobility in Europe, Groupe Renault is also partnering with Italian multinational ENEL, world leader in energy transition, through its subsidiary ENEL X. The goal: to combine their expertise in order to offer charging solutions adapted to the needs of their respective customers. This synergy is notably at work between Renault’s smart charging and JuiceNet, ENEL X’s demand response platform. Available first at the national level, this solution will then be exported beyond Italy’s borders.

The agreement also concerns the installation of new charging infrastructure driven by European initiatives such as EVA+, a fast charging network covering Austria and Italy. It also provides for greater access to existing terminals through digital applications like Z.E. Pass Renault. The transition is underway!


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